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Everything you need to know about wedding dress shopping

If you dont find your answer here, you can either drop us a line on this easy contact link or call us on 01302 744387

Frequently asked questions



We recommend light or nude underwear. 

Relax - We arent looking for wobbly bits or matching underwear. We are simply looking to make you look and feel fabulous! We understand it can be unnerving getting undressed and stepping in and out of dresses with our help, however we will do everything we can to help you feel comfortable, including supplying a glass of bubbly!

What should I wear when wedding dress shopping? 


Because our gowns are made to order, we recommend at least 8 months in advance,, particularly given the recent problems with Brexit rules and the pandemic.


However we do have a range of dresses that are availale to purchase on the day if you have less time. We find many brides start looking from 12 months, we wouldn't recommend any earlier unless you are ready to choose one, as you may fall in love with a gown that may not be available by the time you get married, and therefore feel the urge to order early. We feel strongly that there will be no pressure selling at Holmes & Co, we want you to relax and enjoy the whole experience finding 'the one'


How long before my wedding  should I start looking for my when dress?


Im getting married soon, can I get a wedding dress at short notice?

Don't Panic! Yes you will find your perfect dress. We have a collection of wedding dresses that are ready to wear and available to take away on the day if you need to!  



We recommend 2 of your closest friends or family whose opinion you value and to come with an open mind. Try to stay true to yourself, and if you would like our opinion, we are happy to share our thoughts on what will flatter your shape, in the nicest possible way. You have found 'The One' in your Husband to be, however, dont' get too hung up on getting that 'moment' we often see on TV with tearful emotional outbursts. We are British and more stoic after all! You should love your dress, and you should not want to take it off But back on the subject of guests, we can comfortably seat 4 guests 6 and its rather cosy aha!

Who should I take with me wedding dress shopping?



Our dresses are from a size 8 to size 18 on the whole, however the dresses are made to order, so can be made from size 0 to 20.. Its important that you realise the gowns wont be a perfect fit at your appointment, however we will clamp the areas that need taking in and have inserts to increase the size of smaller gowns so that you can imagine in your size. So in other words, don't get too hung up on size, and it is for this reason, we ask that you dont photograph yourself at this stage, we will, however happily take a flattering photo of you in your favourite gown, when you are being fitted, for your memory book, and the gown is pinned to fit your figure. 

What size are your Wedding dresses?



The majority of our gowns are £1400 - £1850, we do have a selection of ready to wear gowns at £800.. We are also stockist of the ENZOANI COUTURE collection which are between £2000 and £3500. We can split you dress payment into 5 payments to make things a little easier for you too.

 How much do Wedding Dresses cost?


Do I have to pay for my wedding dress upfront?

No, however we do require an initial payment which is usually 50% of the price of your dress if your wedding is less than 8 months away, however we more often than not can accommodate splitting the payments of your dress into 3 or 5 payments with deposots of £500


Can I pay for my wedding dress in instalments

Yes.  Simply mention this at the time of booking your appointment or on your booking form, and we will sort the rest.


Do I need an appointment to look at wedding dresses?

Yes. In order to offer the best possible service to our Brides, we like to give our complete attention to each Bride, and therefore work soley by appointment. This way you don't get brides dropping in on your appointment time and you basically have the boutique to yourself.


If you are planning to loose weight and we are ordering your dress in good time, we can defer measurements until nearer up to 6 months before the arrival of your dress, but don't forget we like 2 months to alter your dress too!. Dont panic too much if you loose weight after your order, most gowns will need to be altered in some way, and gowns can usually be reduced in size up to 2 dress sizes quite easily by our experienced seamstresses. Regrettably fitting appointments are not available on Saturdays

What if I loose weight once I have ordered my Wedding gown?


Do you charge to bridal appointments?

Yes we charge £25 for a weekend appointment, however we do offer complimentary appointments during the week. 


Where can I get my wedding dress alterations done?

We offer an alteration service in store on a Thursday until 5pm and Friday up to 7pm. If you are unable to make these times we can have a recommended seamstress that can accommodate you at alternative premises


Can I bring children to my appointment?

Toddlers and Tiaras don't make for a very relaxing session. We find that children easily get bored and find entertainment in our precious sparkly things, which means you feel on edge as to their whereabouts. We strongly recommend you make other arrangements for any little ones, this is your day, we want you to relax and enjoy the run up as much as possible.


Are there any Rules?


Just one, a fresh fake tan is a No No (please) as it rubs off onto our beautiful gowns. Its a good idea to glam up for you appointment, because its hard to imagine the whole picture if you come without your hair and make-up done, dont worry about getting makeup on gowns, as most of them you step into.

Actually make that TWO RULES: Ask your guests to wait for your thoughts on a dress before offering their advice, we have seen too many brides  dismayed when their friends give their opinion on the brides dream dress, only to realise the bride was in love with the dress, then trying to back track and take those comments back, trust me... from personal experience, a bride never forgets those hurtful comments, even if you are just saying you don't like the lace, if the bride loves it, its going to hurt, so our NEW RULE is let the bride comment first, so everyone gets a gage on whether she is feeling 'it' or not

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