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La Perle

Get ready to be enchanted by our stunning A-line wedding dress, designed to captivate with its whimsical beauty. Made from lightweight organza, its green and pink floral print adds a playful touch while giving you that dreamy, cloud-like feeling.

Versatile and Fun Features

  • Strapless Sweetheart Neckline: Perfect for a romantic look.

  • Detachable Long Sleeves: Add them for a boho vibe or keep it strapless for a classic look.

Available in Two Colors

  • Floral Print: For a fun and unique twist.

  • Ivory: For a timeless, elegant feel.

This dress is all about comfort, style, and a touch of magic, making it easy for any bride to shine on her special day!

How much is this wedding dress?

from £1390


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