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5 things you should know about bridesmaid dress shopping.

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

You have gone all out on style for your big day, don't go and ruin your sophisticated look by choosing cheap bridesmaid dresses. Ive got to be honest, the multi way dresses only ever serve as hammocks for girls with boobs so unless your bridesmaids all have a small bust, steer clear of multi way bridesmaid dresses.

Bridesmaid Dresses Sheffield
Black Bridesmaid Dresses Doncaster

Green Bridesmaid Dresses Sheffield
Bridesmaid Dresses Doncaster

We hear you!

Your girls are all sorts of shapes and sizes, how do you find a bridesmaid style that suits everyone? Long gone are the days of identical dresses in identical colours for everyone. Trying to make your size 8 friend with no boobs feel good in the same style as your size 18 gal with curves to die for is a task in itself, so why try?

Inclusive Bridesmaid dresses for all shapes and sizes

At our Bridal Boutique based near Doncaster, we stock the full range of Sorella Vita Bridesmaid dresses. You choose the shape, neckline, straps etc to suit each of your girls, then choose the colour to match your wedding theme, we do the rest! This means everyone can relax knowing the style will suit their shape, and even better its inclusive for all shapes and sizes as Sorella Vita Bridesmaid Dress are from size 6 to size 26

Stick to a theme for Cohesion

Whilst its important that each bridesmaid feels she can rock her own style, there needs to be some continuity with your Bridesmaid dresses, we don't recommend a different style for all and different colour palettes and lengths too, as it can look like they are guest that happen to turn up in a shade of green, with different colours, different styles, different fabric and different lengths

 Bridesmaid Dresses Sheffield
Pink Bridesmaid Dresses, Doncaster

Quality is never out of fashion

Much like a wedding dress, Sorella Vita Bridesmaid Dresses have internal boning to keep the fabric from sagging and to help cinch your girls' waist and keep the style looking fabulous! The bridesmaid dresses arrive with extra length as standard, as our pet peeve is dresses hanging at different length on each of your bridesmaids, as they are all a different height. It's the little things that create that killer look

Its the details that count!

Once you have decided on your colour palette, to achieve that Pinterest Perfection, you can also order the Groomsmen Ties and gents pocket squares to match!

Book Now!

If you would like to book an appointment at our Bridal Boutique in Doncaster South Yorkshire for Bridesmaid Styling simply contact us by email

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